Is Your Cause Marketing Working?

There is a Natural Audience For Every Cause!

If only you could afford to find your exact audience! Oh how they would respond every time!

But the finding is NOT the problem! Your inabilty to find your audience is but a symptom of an underlying chronic marketing disorder...


Market Your Cause to It's Natural Audience

What if you could pitch your cause to every living person? Would that solve your marketing problems?

Indeed, it would work if cost were no object. Cost, though, is always an issue. Marketing to everyone is obviously wasteful. So the answer is targeting, right?

Yes targeting! But that is only a better start. A loyal audience is loved and nurtured into engaging with you. Targeting does not identify your audience it only finds those that may possibly listen.

Those that will listen still need to be wooed. Those that will allow you to woo them still need to respond to your proposal.

If you believe better targeting is the answer to closing the deal, please consider this scenario. You walk into a crowded room but instantly – magically - you only see one person. You know with every fiber of your being that you have found the one for you. What do you do?

Do you simply approach and propose to couple? If our hypothetical happened enough times, occasionally it may succeed. Most times though, you would have ruined any possibility for a future. In fact wouldn’t such behavior be boorish and even rude?

Perhaps though, if you sought a moment of conversation you would be able to parlay that into relationship and perhaps, over time, even intimacy.

Is your cause marketing approach simply to brash? Show enough people the proverbial child with a tear and a fly on their face and you’ll get some response. But even that response will be short lived. They responded out of emotion but their hearts were never committed.

Would you allow me to share more with you?

I build my business by giving away what I have learned. Most take what I share use it to tune their approach. A few, however, hire me to help with implementation.

Those few make it possible for me spend time with you – time without pressure. I promise you our time will be spent giving not selling.


Cause Marketing Digital Strategy Session

Join Us for our Next Web Lunch and Learn. We will be discussing our proven process for building your digital audience.

(Note: there is no charge for non-profit affiliated attendees and nothing will be sold.)


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